The blog which drops the ladies panties. (Or gentlemen) We only publish what people send to us. As long as they're not violent we try to make them.
I’d be very glad to have hard fast sex with Erik Durm in the night club.
I would destroy the bed if I had Mario Mandzukic in it. It would simply break into little pieces.
Anonymous asked: What on earth is the point keeping the account open and not posting anything!? What you should be doing/have done is handing the account over to other users who'll actually update it or just finding other active admins..

Why would we give our blog to someone else? -Lyla

Anonymous asked: is there a possibility to leave the blog open? thank you :*

We’re here but we don’t do the confessions. -Lyla

Important Notice

- Me, Lyla and Dessie decided to close down the blog since it is a bit too much of a time waster in our cases. We get numerous of confessions every day and as you see, it is impossible to do them, so this is why we are leaving you to keep your confessions to yourselves from now on :D 

If you’d like to contact me on my real tumblr, here is the link - >


-Kat :)

Anonymous asked: Do you have any dirty imagines with Alexander Kerzhakov?

I’m not very close to Petersburg’s players, but Alex does look nice ;) -Kat

Anonymous asked: Hiii have you got any dirty Mandzukic fics? Thnx love youuu

Give me two days ;) -Kat

Anonymous asked: If people ask for players from different clubs or countries you can always put two pictures together and then put the words? Like they don't have to be in the photo together as long as they're both there

I agree, but with my absence on the internet and the amount of confessions I have to make it is a lot easier for me to make them individual, thank you for giving me an idea though :) -Kat

Mario Mandzukic sucking and nibbling on my neck&#8230;
We love you too &lt;3 ~Kat
Giving Mario Götze the best night he ever had and we both will never forget.
Anonymous asked: Hey girls. I wanted to know if you could make a dirty Draxler&Reus smut for my bithday (18Nov). It would mean a lot! I also /love/ your blog. Tschüß ♥ x

Heeey guuurrrlll, lately it’s only me on the blog so I might do this for youuuu!!! is it a gay smut? ooorrr do you want Draxler & Reus competition? also could i ask for your name pleaasee, thank you <3 ~Kat

I want Mattia Perin inside me, fucking me so hard that my heart collapses, commanding me every position I should do to please him. God! he&#8217;s so hot
Anonymous asked: When will u do the rest???????

I’m planning on going on the blog at least once a week, since I am quite busy atm, I still love this blog and I don’t want to leave it :/ I have too many memories with rescuing it ~Kat